GeneXpert® Xpress

Moving Molecular Testing Beyond the Lab

Impact clinique et opérationnel

Reduced footprint with built-in barcode scanner and full-size touchscreen

On-demand and randome access with mix-and-match test capabilities for optimal flexibility

Easy printing with simple, remote, printing capabilites

No specialized training and no daily maintenance required

Flexible wired and wireless network connection capabilities

Renseignements sur le produit

Standardized CLIA waived molecular testing for any healthcare setting — from community hospitals to physician offices and specialty clinics

  • Innovative Compact Design — Two or four-module configuration saves valuable bench space and reduces the need for multiple testing platforms.
  • Simplified Control and Oversight — GeneXpert Xpress complements existing laboratory quality and regulatory compliance standards.
  • Proven Cartridge Technology — With a combination of highly accurate results and operator ease-of-use, Cepheid’s cartridge technology remains the cornerstone of the GeneXpert Xpress.

US-IVD. Dispositif médical de diagnostic in vitro.

GeneXpert® Xpress IV

Available in a 2 or 4 module configuration


11. 5” W x 18” H* x 16” D*

Informations de commande

GeneXpert Xpress IV with 2 active modules

Numéro de catalogue GXIV-2-CLIA

GeneXpert Xpress IV with 4 active modules

Numéro de catalogue GXIV-4-CLIA

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Ce webinaire traite des données appuyant la combinaison de tests diagnostiques rapides (TDR) et de programmes de gestion des antimicrobiens (PGA), examine les systèmes de TDR et fournit des conseils sur la façon dont les PGA peuvent mettre en œuvre et optimiser l’utilisation des TDR dans pratiquement tous les milieux de soins de santé.

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