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For transformative diagnostic solutions, more healthcare institutions turn to Cepheid as their trusted diagnostic partner. Through proven scientific expertise and innovative test design, Cepheid now delivers the game-changing Xpert® HCV-the first-ever CLIA waived hepatitis C RNA test in the U.S. supporting a robust elimination plan for hepatitis C.

A Call to Action

The Viral Hepatitis National Strategic Plan for the United States calls for greater than 80% of people with hepatitis C to achieve viral clearance by 20301.  Currently, the diagnostic pathway for detection of hepatitis C faces many barriers, including complicated multi-step diagnostic algorithms based on antibody screening and RNA confirmation2. These algorithms require centralized testing technologies that may result in treatment delays and discourage
at-risk populations from accessing testing and receiving care.

80% Viral clearance by 2030(1)
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Transforming Patient Care

With Cepheid’s Xpert® HCV, patients can undergo testing, receive a diagnosis, and seamlessly connect to treatment and care in a single visit. This efficient process has the potential to save time and can ensure more patients stay in care, leading to more people cured of hepatitis C.

“This simple to use test detects the full range of relevant HCV genotypes in about an hour and can be performed on a small volume of blood collected via fingerstick.”

David H. Persing, M.D., Ph.D.
Cepheid's Chief Medical and Technology Officer

Diagnosis flow chart

Ease of Use


Collect 250-500uL fingerstick whole blood in BD Microtainer®^


Transfer 100uL of the sample into the cartridge using the pipette provided


Insert cartridge and start test

Xpress System

Cepheid’s CLIA waived Xpert® HCV test, authorized by the FDA, allows complete hepatitis C RNA testing at the point-of-care. The test runs on the Xpert® Xpress system, enabling any trained healthcare professional, regardless of skill level, to administer the test. This easy-to-use solution provides Lab in a Cartridge™ results when and where they are needed.

The Impact of Point of Care Hepatitis C Testing Globally

POC HCV graphic

“Rapid HCV RNA tests, which detect HCV genetic material, offer the greatest advantage for diagnosis and rapid initiation of treatment as the presence of HCV RNA confirms current infection.6

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*IVD. In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device. May not be available in all countries.

^K2 EDTA Microtainer (BD part number: 365974) not provided in the kit.

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