Cepheid C360

How Insights Become Action

  • Cepheid C360 is a secure, hosted platform that collects and aggregates real-time disease and system surveillance information from any GeneXpert System.
  • Cepheid C360 securely collects and aggregates, in dashboard format, real-time information from any GeneXpert System to enhance productivity and performance.

Cepheid C360 Security
The Cepheid C360 security strategy can be classified into four key areas:

  • Encryption: Advanced encryption methods secure data transfer and storage.
  • Physical Security & Vigilance: Stable and proven platform that addresses stringent data privacy and compliance certification standards.
  • Control & Access: Data sharing and visibility controlled by you — via appropriate authentication and user access authorization credentials.
  • Segregation: Multi-tenant database storage securely segregates your data.

Simple Installation

  • Internet Access following user’s IT security policy, with URL access to https://c360.cepheid.com
  • Access on communication port 80, 443, 8080, 8081
  • Recommend a Static IP connection
  • No VPN or phone line setup required

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<p>Meet Cepheid C360</p>

Meet Cepheid C360

Disease Surveillance and System Monitoring Software for Better Connectivity

A secure, hosted platform that collects and aggregates real-time information from any GeneXpert® System.

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