GeneXpert® Infinity Systems

The Most Automated Complete Molecular Diagnostic Systems

Clinical and Operational Impact

A single, standardized solution to create consistency between centralized and decentralized testing

Fully automated sample extraction, PCR amplification, and detection

Flexibility to run single patient samples as they arrive or in batches while viewing test status and time to completion on a single touchscreen

Fast, actionable data with most test returning restults in less than 60 minutes*

Easy-to-use "load and go" technology enables walk-away operation

GeneXpert Xpertise software interfaces with Laboratory Information or Hospital Information System network, delivering real-time answers

Product Information

The GeneXpert Infinity systems enable a comprehensive menu of tests to be run on a single system, by a single operator, in a moderately complex, real-time environment. With two sizes to choose from, Cepheid’s unique cartridge technology, and exclusive “load and go” capability, the GeneXpert Infinity provides maximum flexibility.

Key features:

  • Adjustable Touch-Screen
  • Expanded Conveyor & Loading zone
  • Large Test Accumulator Capacity
  • Fast, Quiet and Robust Robotic Gantry

The best things have stayed the same:

  • Our Patented Cartridge
  • Our Patented Module Analytical Unit

US-IVD. For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.
*Testing times may vary, refer to applicable test package insert for additional details.



GeneXpert® Infinity-48s

216 cm L x 89 cm W x200 cm H

1,600 pounds = 725.7 kg

>1,300 test per day

Ordering Info

GeneXpert Infinity 48s

Catalogue number Infinity-48


GeneXpert® Infinity-80

274 c mL x89 cm W x200 cm H

2,100 pounds = 954.5 kg

>2,000 test per day

Ordering Info

GeneXpert Infinity 80

Catalogue number Infinity-80

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