Diagnostic Testing Systems

No matter what your testing needs, we’ve got the right fit. Cepheid’s menu of FDA-cleared tests and platform flexibility means that faster answers are available in every setting.

An picture of different systems
An picture of different systems

GeneXpert® Systems

Front View Image of GeneXpert Family of Systems: GeneXpert II, GeneXpert IV and GeneXpert XVI

GeneXpert® Systems

Our GeneXpert® family of systems have set a new standard in workflow flexibility, 24/7 testing accuracy, and user-friendly design — delivered in an astonishingly beautiful and compact package.

GeneXpert® Infinity Systems

The GeneXpert Infinity provides maximum testing flexibility and in system placement, staffing, and menu availability.

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GeneXpert® Software

GX DX Software

The power of the GeneXpert® Systems is enhanced.

Xpertise for Infinity

Intelligent process management with walkaway simplicity, real-time data management, LIS capability

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Cepheid C360

Cepheid C360 securely collects and aggregates, in dashboard format, real-time information from any GeneXpert System to enhance productivity and performance.

Interface Capabilities

Interfacing the GeneXpert® System to your LIS eliminates non-value-added steps associated with pre- and post-analytical data management.

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