Xpert® Bladder Cancer Detection
Detection of the presence of bladder cancer in patients with hematuria in around 90 minutes
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The Need

Early and accurate diagnosis of bladder cancer is critical in patients with hematuria.3
  • Four out of five people with bladder cancer have blood in their urine4
  • But 80–90% of patients with visible hematuria, and over 95% of patients with non-visible hematuria do NOT have cancer
  • There are many known causes of hematuria including urinary tract infection, nephrolitiasis (stones), etc4
  • In patients with hematuria, it can be difficult to decide which patients might have cancer and which patients might have a different condition
  • Primary care physicians are sometimes reluctant to refer patients with visible or significant microscopic hematuria to urology for further investigation5
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The Solution

Xpert Bladder Cancer Detection is a non-invasive biomarker test for patients with hematuria that is used in conjunction with other clinical measures.
  • Five mRNA biomarkers were intensively validated for the detection of bladder cancer
  • The non-invasive and painless test uses voided urine samples
  • The test is performed using a self-contained cartridge and system, and can be performed in any size urology lab
  • Each cartridge contains three controls for dependable results
  • Sample stability for up to 7 days in Xpert® Urine Transport Reagent
  • The test enables flexible testing as require

The Impact

A test that helps clinicians gain additional information for patients with hematuria.
  • Non-invasive test to reduce patients’ anxiety, pain, and embarrassment6
  • High negative predictive value may help patients avoid unnecessary procedures and discomfort7
  • Easy to implement and train
  • Robust test and workflow with decentralized laboratory testing
6 Biardeau X, et al. Prospective evaluation of anxiety, pain, and embarrassment associated with cystoscopy and urodynamic testing in clinical practice. Can Urol Assoc J. 2017 Mar-Apr; 11(3-4): 104–110.
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