Xpert® FII & FV
30-Minute Test for Genetic Risk of Thrombosis
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The Need

Thrombophilia is defined as an increased risk or tendency to develop blood clots (thrombi) as a consequence of predisposing factors that may be inherited or acquired.1-3

A thrombus may form in either the venous or arterial vascular system. Venous thrombophilia is usually related to an abnormality of the coagulation system and may result in deep venous thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE).3

Research shows that venous thromboembolism is a complex pathology that is reliant upon the interaction of both acquired and genetic factors.4 The most commonly associated genetic mutations for inherited thrombophilia are mutations in the genes for Factor V Leiden and Factor II (prothrombin).3-5
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The Solution

Xpert® FII & FV is a qualitative genotyping test for the rapid detection of Factor II (FII) and Factor V (FV) alleles. Performed on the Cepheid GeneXpert System, the test is intended to provide rapid results for Factor II c.*97G>A (G20210A) and Factor V Leiden c.1601G>A (G1691A or R506Q) mutations as an aid in the diagnosis of suspected thrombophilia.
  • Molecular lab in a cartridge: DNA extraction, amplification and detection in one cartridge
  • 24/7 availability — Run daily, or on-demand, with a simple workflow
Clinically Validated
  • Proven accuracy: Multi-site study verified over 1,000 patient samples with results comparable to those obtained with bi-directional sequencing6
Fast Actionable Results
  • On-demand: 30-minute FII and FV genotyping
  • Actionable: Avoid costly ‘send out’ testing, and associated wait for results. Improve patient management with fast test answers on-demand.
  • Avoid expensive ‘send-outs’ to reference labs
  • Optimized: Cartridge-based testing system removing the risk of non-optimal reagent use associated with batch testing.
  • Efficient: No requirement for specialized lab personnel or facilities. Just add blood sample to the cartridge and get results in 30 minutes.
Cepheid’s Xpert FII & FV test provides on-demand results you can trust and empowers your clinical team to better manage patients.
6. Xpert® Factor II & Factor V Kit Package Insert

The Impact

"The simple workflow requires minimal hands on time, enabling lab technicians to address other urgent needs. Accelerate your laboratory’s workflow with on-demand, random-access flexibility. Combine performance with the ability to run other tests on the GeneXpert® System to increase overall laboratory-level service.

Shift your lab from reactive to proactive
  • Deliver same-day results to clinicians with a 30-minute, on-demand test
  • Improve patient experience and ease anxiety with fast and accurate results