Better Infection Prevention with On-Demand Molecular Diagnostics

Better and faster answers from diagnostic tests enable clinicians to enhance treatment and infection prevention efforts.

Only Cepheid delivers these fast and accurate results so you can:

  • Get easy to interpret answers for more cost-effective patient management1

  • Improve implementation of infection prevention policies2

  • Support better clinical decisions to improve patient outcomes3

  • Reduce the number of surgical site infections by using targeted decolonization strategies4

  • Elevate antibiotic stewardship and reduce unnecessary therapy costs5

  • Minimize follow-up visits by optimizing treatment early6

Impact of Rapid Diagnostics

Shortened hospital length of stay by 2.5 days3

Decreased lethal bloodstream infections in patients by 36%3

Reduced time to effective therapy by 5 hours3


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Xpert® vanA/vanB

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Xpert® MTB/RIF Ultra

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