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GeneXpert® Systems

Now with increased multiplexing capabilities

The Need

Repeat molecular testing for multiple pathogens is time-consuming. Actionable, syndromic real-time PCR diagnostic tests are needed to allow healthcare providers to efficiently treat their patients.

Rapid and easy-to-use multiplexing technology enables the detection of multiple mutations across several genes, in a single sample.

The Solution

GeneXpert Systems with 10-Color Technology Deliver:

  • Multiplexing for an expanding test menu
  • The same, simple workflow on a single, flexible platform, for both point-of-care* and hospital settings
  • A modular system capable of scaling to meet changing testing needs 

By using probes labeled with different fluorescent reporter dyes, numerous targets can be detected simultaneously in a single reaction tube. Since four more fluorescent channels are now available, the number of possible targets increases, allowing for more complex assay designs. Each target can be independently monitored by the innovative excitation-emission system in the Cepheid GeneXpert System with 10-Color technology.

With this increased testing power we can detect a wide range of bacteria and viruses, as well as fungi with one test. Additionally, this technology also makes it possible to identify multiple antimicrobial resistance markers from one sample.

For example, with the first Cepheid 10-Color test, Xpert® MTB/XDR#, the 10-Color module significantly increases the assay multiplexing capacity, which in turn expands the number of antimicrobial resistance genes that can be detected. 

The new 10-Color assay targets as many as eight genes for detection of M. tuberculosis and resistance to as many as six drugs: isoniazid, fluoroquinolones, amikacin, kanamycin, capreomycin and ethionamide.

The Impact

A new era of high-level multiplexing real-time PCR instruments will revolutionize molecular diagnostics with:

  • Independent monitoring of 10 or more signals in a single reaction tube
  • The power to detect a broader spectrum of pathogens and antimicrobial resistance
  • More clinically actionable results and faster access to treatment decisions


Multiplexing Test Pipeline^
US-IVD Pipeline^ CE-IVD Pipeline^
Carba-R NxG Carba-R NxG
GI Panel GI Panel
Respiratory Panel Respiratory Panel
Tropical Fever Panel Tropical Fever Panel


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